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Gift Guide For Her

Gift Guide For Her

We all know how busy the holiday season can be and this year is no exception. As the days go by, we are inching closer and closer to December 25th- or as we know it- CHRISTMAS!  Some people are great at gifting friends, family, and co workers with the best gifts, but for some, it doesn’t come so easy. So, I have put together a gift guide to hopefully help and inspire your gift-giving techniques FOR HER this holiday season! 


Gift Guide for Her:


  1. Common Sneakers:
    1. These sneakers come a variety of colors, but my favorite are the classic white. I love to wear them with jeans and a cute top to dress down while still maintaining a great style!
  2. Gucci Slides:
    1. These shoes are a classic. They can go casual paired with workout clothes or fancy paired with a cute summer dress! So easy to slip on and run out the house! 
  3. “St Barth’s Perfume:
    1. I do not go a day without someone saying, “You smell so good. What is that perfume you are wearing?” As you can imagine, it is a nice thing to hear and I cannot rave enough about this perfume.  So sweet and vanilla-y you will want to eat it! 
  4. Jacket:
    1. Everyone needs a staple, black moto jacket right? Pair this jacket with your favorite beanie and jeans and you’re ready to go!
  5. Airpods:
    1. I am sure I am not the only one that gets so tired of knotted headphones. My life changed for the better when I purchased a pair of Airpods a couple months ago! I can workout better, cook/ bake faster, and talk to my friends and family so much easier!
  6. Instapot:
    1. For all you at-home cooks that think the crock pot takes a little too long, this one’s for you! Give the gift of instant (food) satisfaction with the Instapot!
  7. Ugg Slippers:
    1. Being comfy at home is the key to happiness. At least that’s what they tell me. In our home, we have a “no shoes” rule to keep our carpets clean and our floors somewhat sanitary- because who knows what is on those NYC streets. Haha After a long day, come home and slip on these furry, Ugg slippers to unwind and relax.
  8. Pajama Set:
    1. Gone are the days of oversized t-shirts and radnom shorts/sweats for bedtime. Who ever said bedtime fashion had to be boring? Definitely not me! I love a good PJ set to fall fast asleep in.
  9. Candle:
    1. My absolute, all time, favorite candle in the entire world: Volcano! It screams, inviting, homey, and welcoming all in one big whiff! Give the gift of a lovely, smelling home this holiday season and your friends will be sure to never forget you.
  10. Yoga Mat:
    1. As most of you know, I travel quite a bit, but I still like to remain active. One way I do this is by taking my trustworthy yoga mat with me! Whether in my living room, my hotel room, or even in the airport, I am able to get my Zen on.
  11. Polaroid Camera:
    1. Bring in the new year with lots of photographed memories! Digital photos are out of style and polaroids are the new hot item! This one is super cute to bring along to any holiday party with its festive colors!

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