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The Future of Glasses

The Future of Glasses

“Discovered in NYC, Rock the Vibe is more than fashion. It’s a movement. We believe it’s not so much how you look, but how you look at the world.  When you and your friends go out with your Vibe Glasses, you experience and exhibit the authentic confidence of the Vibe Tribe.  Throw away your sunglasses. Then, Rock your Vibe Glasses! You’ll find joy and confidence day or night, inside or outside, flying solo or with your tribe.”

There is no better way to put it than that.  Rock The Vibe is a company that sells and promotes their “vibe style” of living with help of their colored lens glasses.  They come in 4 colors so far: Rio Rose, Lisbon Lellow, Amsterdam Orange and Barcelona Blue. Perfect for any celebration, or just everyday wear. These glasses are bound to put you in a good mood so pick your color and get “vibing”!

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