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How I Got Spring Break Ready

How I Got Spring Break Ready

Spring break is one of my first bikini “outings” after the long hibernation of winter. In order to make sure I am in top shape, I try to vary my workout routine so I don’t get bored. On top of that, I try to stick to the 80-20 diet. Continue reading to see just how I do it!

My workout routine consists of a wide range of activities. From hikes to yoga classes, it constantly changes to ensure I stay motivated. A couple of my favorite workouts are Rumble Boxing,  SLT Pilates (Strengthen Lengthen Tone), Mile High Run Club and ModelFit. I usually go to 3-4 classes a week, but on my ‘off’ days I still try to stay moving. Sometimes I will choose to walk to my next destination instead of taking a car or take a lunch break hike.

As for my diet goes, I do the 80-20 diet. This means I eat healthy 80 percent of the time but allow myself to cheat 20 percent. This philosophy is the only one that I have found to actually be sustainable. Trust me, I have tried everything from Paleo and Whole30 to the Blood Type Diet but I always end up cutting them short because I find myself going crazy from food deprivation. The 80-20 diet is perfect if you are looking for something long term that still gives good results.

I began my workout routine and diet about 6 weeks before Spring Break began. This gave me the right amount time to see results but not too long where I was tempted to give up. And of course, in the end it is all worth it when you put on your first bikini of the season. Don’t forget to reward yourself for all your hard work and enjoy a pina colada on the beach!

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