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My Beauty Routine

My Beauty Routine
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My beauty routine has always been pretty simple. Since, I have very sensitive skin I was always afraid to try new products because I was worried they would irritate my face. However after seeing many dermatologists and estheticians, I have found a routine that works for me. My routine includes a facial cleanser, vitamin C serum, moisturizer and of course Aquaphor! I also do a hydrating mask once a week, maybe more during the winter, to prevent flaking and a self-tanning pad occasionally to keep a good glow. Recently I have also started using a face-roller which I really like to help massage the products into my skin. Another bonus is that all of my products are available for purchase on Amazon! Continue reading for a step-by-step how to.

My everyday routine is as follows: First I wash my face.  I use Skin Medica’s Sensitive Skin Cleanser. I like to use a clean wash cloth to gently exfoliate. Next I apply one pump of Jan Marini’s C-est Face Serum and use my Herbivore Jade Facial Roller to set the product into my skin. I like to massage in a burst like patter working from the center of my face outwards, across my cheekbones and up my forehead. Then I apply my moisturizer. During the day I apply Skin Medica’s Total Defense + Repair Sunscreen with 34 SPF and at night I apply SkinMedica’s HA^5 Rejuvenating Hydrator. It is really important to wear sunscreen whenever your skin is in contact with the sun to prevent aging, wrinkles and sun spots. Lastly, I apply Aquaphor to my lips and any parts of my skin that are flaking.

Once a week I like to do a mask. Most of the time I use a hydrating mask but sometimes I change it up depending on what I think my skin needs. I usually go for Dr Dennis Gross’s Hydrating Modeling Mask. The mask is composed of a gel and a powder which you mix and then have to apply to your face pretty fast as it will start to set. I also love the blue color! After 15 minutes I peel it off and am left with dewy, hydrated skin.

I think I look better with a little color so I keep a good tan maintained with the help of Dr Dennis Gross’s Alpha-beta Glow Pads. They give me the perfect gradual glow and never an orange-y look. I simply apply them during my nightly routine after I wash my face. After using the towelette I like to rub the product all over to make sure it is spread evenly everywhere. I wait about 10 minutes to let it set, then I apply moisturizer and go to bed. You can continue to use them overnight until you reach your desired color!

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