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My favorite workout classes in Manhattan

My favorite workout classes in Manhattan

The Big Apple has so many workout classes that you will never get bored. After years of trying many classes, I have narrowed it down to my 6 favorites!


This heart-pumping, hot yoga is like nothing you’ve ever done before. This 60 minute class takes place in a candle-lit room jamming out to hip-hop music. Only expect to relax during savasana in this class because the rest of the time you’ll be sweating and jamming to Drake and Beyonce.


This class looks easy, but it is far from it. This class works all your muscles through small movements with bands, weights and bodyweight. You will be sore the following day but still want to come back for more!

The Bari Studio – bounce

This class takes place on individual trampolines. The instructor will take you through various dance/jump routines that will get your heart-racing fast. You finish with leg strength and ab exercises. Full of cardio and music, this 60 minute class goes by quick leaving you super sweaty!


This nation-wide cycling class is loud, sweaty and a ton of fun. In just 45 minutes you will transform your self mentally and physically through fat-burning cardio. Sometimes I even feel like I am in a club with the loud music and dim lights.

Mile High Run Club – Dash28

Think of soul cycle but on treadmills. This 45 minute class includes a floor warm up and 28 minutes of interval training on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes of strength exercises with kettle bells. It goes by so fast with the catchy, upbeat music and light show.

Rumble Boxing

This 60 minute boxing class takes place 1/2 on the bags and 1/2 on the floor. You will either follow a series of punches on the bag or a series of strength workouts on the floor to hip-hop and mashups. Rotating between the two, this class flies by and leaves you ready to take on the rest of your day!

The DOGPOUND – personal training

This semi-new gym has become super popular celebrities, especially models. They offer one-on-one or semi-private personal training. When the weather is nice, you will find them doing lunges up and down the street. Overall, very hip and trendy this place makes for a fun workout.

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