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10 best places for avocado toast in NYC

10 best places for avocado toast in NYC

As avocado toast has grown to be popular, some New York restaurants have perfected it in their own way. From the addition to pomegranate seeds to feta cheese, these avocado toasts are a must try! And yes, I did rank them 1-10, #1 being my favorite!

1. Bluestone Lane

Avocado Smash- on Balthazar toast w/ tahini, heirloom cherry tomatoes, gets, sunflower spouts & e.v.o.o ($13) – The Mediterranean influence from the feta and tomatoes makes this unique. You’ll probably think you won’t be able to finish it but before you know it, the plate will be clear. They offer gluten free bread as well as many additions including a poached egg for +$3, prosciutto or bacon for +$4 and/or smoked salmon for +$6. While you’re there, you have to try one of their golden or beetroot lattes!

2. The Commons

Avocado Toast- cumin, olive oil, lemon & chili flakes on a toasted baguette ($10) – Although it might look simple, the use of the baguette takes you straight to the streets of Paris. With the perfect crunch and the distinctive spice from the cumin, you won’t stop after the first piece. If you want to jazz it up a little, you can add smoked salmon for an extra 5 dollars.

3. Cafe Gitane

Avocado, lemon juice, olive oil, chili flakes on seven grain toast ($7.25) – Simplicity at its finest. The have mastered the perfect balance of citrus, spicy and olive oil. The thin wheat bread makes this the perfect little snack you can eat outside under the red umbrella, just like in France.

4. Cafe Henrie

Avocado Toast- house sprouts, herb tahini, watermelon radish ($12) – Think salad with a side of avocado toast. This avocado toast is piled on top with a simple, yet tasty, green salad. The citrusy dressing drips down on the avocado giving it a refreshing, lemony taste. The tahini mixed in with the avocado toast gives it an extra level of flavor and creaminess as well. Don’t forget to take a picture with the cute pink tables!

5. Black Slate

Avocado Toast- chili honey, smoked salt on country bread ($9) – This simple avocado toast is amped up by the addition of chili honey. It creates this sweet yet spicy bite to the usual bland avocado. Unique yet addicting, you will also be tempted to try the s’mores dip or birthday cake batter dip while your at it.

6. Citizens of Chelsea

Smashing Avocado- Avocado tossed with citrus, cilantro and feta on sourdough toast. Garnished with beet hummus, pumpkin seeds and watermelon radishes ($14) – This right here is kind of a hit or miss. If you like hummus (especially beet hummus), you will love this. However, if you aren’t a hummus lover, you should ask for it without the hummus or go elsewhere. You can add thick cut bacon for $3, which is highly recommended, or a poached egg ($2).

7. Two Hands

Avo Toast- smashed avocado on Sullivan street Wholegrain Pullman Toast topped with sea salt, cracked black pepper, chili flakes, olive oil & lemon ($9) – This is the most basic avocado toast can get. Smaller portion but still packs a punch: hardy, lemony and a little spicy.  You can get it on sourdough bread for a gluten free alternative. You also have the option to add a poached/fried egg for +$3, scrambled eggs for +$4, smoked salmon for +$5 and bacon for +$4. Pair it with a a fresh pressed juice or smoothie!

8. Little Collins

The Smash- avocado & feta mash on toast with chili flakes and pepitas ($8) – The multigrain bread, pumpkin seeds and feta make this a hearty piece of avocado toast. Sprinkled on top, the little slivers of basil create a very unusual and special taste. For only eight dollars you can get almost a whole avocado’s worth of schmear. As this is one of the only midtown Australian cafes, be prepared for a wait around lunch time.

9. Dudleys

Avocado on toasted multigrain with salsa verde + cherry tomatoes ($10) – This is like avocado toast turned mexican. The salsa verde is spread between the warm toast and cold avocado, giving it a very unique taste. The bread is sort of flaky like a pastry. Pair it with one of their fruit “shakes” like pineapple + mint or watermelon + basil.

10. Nomo Kitchen

Avocado Toast- Espelette, Lemon ($14) – First things first, this is one of the prettiest restaurants I have ever been to: open glass ceiling, large crystal chandeliers and a rainbow of spray painted hearts. When it comes to their avocado toast, they have nailed a creamy, smooth avocado spread on top of crunchy-on-the-outside-soft-in-the-middle toast. As for the Espelette, which is actually a pepper (don’t worry I had to google it too), it gives the right amount of flavor but not spice. It is recommended to add a poached egg on top for an extra $3.

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