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Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Menu

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to go the classic route: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, etc.  Along with family recipes, we have chosen some new recipes to try out.  Continue reading to see what we have in-store for this holiday meal!

First things first, dessert.  We decided to go with the classic pumpkin pie and family-favorite, chocolate pudding pie.  My mom also has ordered our favorite chocolate-pecan pie from a local bakery, Two Little Red Hens.  Additionally, I am super excited to make homemade buttermilk biscuits to eat warm with butter and honey.

As for the protein, we always just do turkey breasts.  Although the appearance isn’t as grand, it is perfect for our family because we are only 5 and prefer the white meat anyways.  This year we have decided to try this recipe.

I love sides; this year we are making mashed potatoes (a family-friend’s recipe ( full cream cheese and sour cream), green beans with kielbasa and onions, sausage stuffingtraditional sweet potato casserole and cheesy potato casserole.  Oh, and you can’t forget the sauces.  We will be serving canned cranberry jelly (only because my dad demands it) and of course, gravy. For the gravy, since we aren’t using the whole turkey and won’t have the giblets or liver, we chose a simple turkey gravy.

We also plan to sip on apple cider (mulled cider for the parents) and egg nog to get in the holiday mood.

This pretty much sums up my family’s thanksgiving menu for this year.  I am sure we will all need to be rolled away from the table, however we are in luck because our agenda for the day only includes movies, board games and left overs. 🙂  I wish you all a happy, and filling, Thanksgiving!

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